Welcome to Gary Everett Ministries

I am delighted that you have joined Menchu and me in seeking our Lord Jesus Christ through His unchanging Word. Thirty years ago while a Bible student on seminary campus, I had a brief encounter with the Scriptures that would forever change my way of approaching God’s Word.

During one of my devotional times between classes and studies, His precious Word came alive off the pages of my Bible, vibrating the very life of God into my spirit, opening themselves up as divine revelation far beyond my natural understanding. As a young Bible student, this event assured me of the divine, supernatural power of God’s Word to speak to us, transform us, and meet every need in our daily lives while engaging in the academic aspect of the Holy Bible.

Since then, I have endeavored to allow the Scriptures to speak to me as unhindered as possible apart from preconceived theological, cultural, denominational, or experiential views, so that God’s Word could be “the pure milk of the Word” that God intended to nourish our souls (1 Peter 2:2). As our hearts are pure before Him, His Word appears in its purest form to us, and it is then able to minister to us in a powerful, life changing way, strengthening us, and guiding us in our daily walk with the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Please join me as we walk through the Holy Scriptures together.

Gary Everett


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